Red Hot Roasters – Roasting small-batch organic coffees since 2006

Find us at 1403 Lexington Road, in the heart of the historic Irish Hill neighborhood.

Our drive-thru is open:

Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm,
Saturday 9am – 3pm.

For wholesale, equipment training or catering services, please contact us at 

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Nice to meet ya!

The lady who puts the red in Red Hot!

Sondra Powell hails from Sonora, Kentucky where she cultivated a love for thrift stores, rhinestones and sensible platform shoes before graduating from the University of Louisville in 1999. After several Girl Friday jobs in her beloved, quirky new hometown where she lives with her sidekick, Wilhelmina the Weimaraner, she learned to roast coffee on Red Hot’s scarlet beauty, the Dedrich IR-3 roaster, and assumed control of what is now known as Red Hot Roasters in April of 2009.

Sondra brings delicious coffees roasted in small, flavorful batches and the finest organic ingredients to her loyal customers. She believes strongly in supporting other local businesses as a way to build a thriving community. A visit to RedHot’s iconic orange drive-thru window ensures a smile, witty banter (where you may notice she reserves a special laugh for her own joke), full-bodied coffee custom made to your taste—plus the promise to remember not only how you take your coffee, but your dog’s name as well—from the best-dressed barista in town.

While there, she encourages you to check out her flashy cans.

Other things Sondra finds Red Hot: mink stoles (vintage, of course), Trans-ams, pick-up trucks, cleverness, photography, on-camera interviews by local news outlets, clever comebacks, What Not to Wear, Clean House, old-lady houses, Edies (Little; Big), a savory Broodwich, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Nick’s shawls, anything from the ’60s, lunch boxes, double-knit, Mad Men, costume jewelry, cocktail rings, cocktails without rings, the YMCA (the gym, not the song), MTM (Richards, not Petrie), bourbon, bourbon balls (from her best friend’s old family secret recipe), proving nay-sayers wrong, French toast you can enjoy again later in the day, marabou, Betsy Johnson, hats, fishnets, eyeliner, red lipstick, breakfast foods, lounging by the pool, anything from the ’70s, driving to the airport at 4 am, Six Flags, Jack Fry’s, Wine Down Wednesdays at Varanese, champagne by the case, drinks with umbrellas, Southern Gothic

Red Hot words to live by:

“I think this is the best costume of the day.”

“Less is more, but too much is not enough.”

“A pitcher was too much.”

“Don’t stop ‘til it’s broken.”

“I was losing money driving by!”

“Non-buyer’s remorse is way worse than buyer’s remorse.”